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  • Rolfing® Explained

    Structural Integration balances and aligns the body along a central vertical axis by slowly and progressively balancing the tensions in the fascial network. Rolfing restores... Read More

  • Does Rolfing® Last?

    We are often asked by our clients, “What kind of changes can I expect with Rolfing and do they last”? Many, if not most of... Read More

  • Who Invented Rolfing®?

    For many, the experience of Rolfing unlocks something so profound and innate – a feeling of being more yourself. Rolfing, and its founder, Ida P.... Read More

  • How Much Rolfing® Do I Need?

    The Basic Ten Series Rolfers take ten sessions to organize the entire system of fascia in the body. 1. In the first three sessions the... Read More

  • Can Rolfing® Help with Stress?

    Physical stress mirrors emotional suffering “Physical stress mirrors emotional suffering, relief from physical constraint markedly affects emotional misery.” – Dr. Ida P. Rolf While Structural... Read More

  • The Benefits of Rolfing®

    Rolfing: A pathway towards health Structural Integration helps your body to develop optimal balance and coordination for standing, sitting and moving – at any stage... Read More

  • How Does Rolfing® Work?

    Fascia organizes & shapes us Fascia, a connective tissue, is the packing material of the body. It envelopes the muscles, bones and joints and holds... Read More