Who chooses Rolfing?

Anyone who wishes to become more flexible. To breathe with greater ease. To reduce back pain, for example. Rolfing lengthens the body, using a combination of touch and movement.

Rolfing: The process

In a series of 10 weekly sessions, Rolfing can balance & align your body. The certified Rolfer uses gentle but deep pressure, restoring your breath & movement.

Posture Drawing

Foot pressure points

What to expect

  • Individualized treatment: we honor your comfort level
  •  10 sessions, 60-75 minutes each
  •  Relief–even after the first treatment
  • The freedom to talk or stay quiet
  •  Ease of movement

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is an advanced form of physical therapy that addresses your entire body. Through deep pressure, the certified Rolfer better aligns your structure, and relieves aches & pains.

Does Rolfing hurt?

Funnily enough, Rolfing has a reputation for being painful. The truth is that properly-trained Rolfers “listen” to your body–and to what you say during the treatment. So, Rolfing does not hurt.

What does Rolfing do that massage doesn’t do?

The goal of massage is to reduce muscle tension by “kneading” the body. In contrast, the goal of Rolfing is much greater: to change the very alignment of your body, preventing physical problems from occurring in the first place–and relieving existing issues.

Can I learn more about Rolfing on your website?

Yes, there are many articles on our blog to find out more.