Craniosacral Therapy

Orthodox medicine has yet to recognize the existence of the craniosacral system and the movement of fluid within the central nervous system (CNS). What is Craniosacral Therapy  and why does it matter?

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle hands on approach that explores the movement of the fluid and soft tissue membranes that surround the brain and spine. The CNS includes the brain, spinal cord and the cerebro-spinal fluid. The therapist applies gentle pressure to relieve tension and restrictions within the central nervous system (CNS). 

Cerebro-spinal Fluid (CSF)  flows rhythmically around and through our spinal cord and brain. Just as air moves into and out of our lungs, and blood moves through our vascular system, the movement of the CSF helps to nourish and connect the brain, and spinal cord. The cranial bones have the ability to make subtle movements and respond to the pulsing of the CSF. When the bones of the skull and spinal column are well aligned and mobile, the craniosacral system “breathes.” 

While CST is concerned with the alignment of the structure, it’s primary focus is upon the breath and movement of the Cranial Sacral bones and fluid.  The movement of the CSF relates not only to the mobility of the spine and skull but also the tension and mobility of the dura. The dura is the connective tissue covering of the spinal cord and brain. Additionally, the dura separates the two sides of the brain. The tensions within the dural layer can influence the shape, mobility and function of the boney and nervous tissue that make up the CNS.

Stacey Mills

While applying gentle pressure, the practitioner evaluates the freedom and mobility within the craniosacral system. Gentle techniques are used to unwind the restrictions found within the head, neck and back. As mobility within the craniosacral system is restored, problems including low back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ and  neuropathy can abate. As pains subside, CST promotes a deep sense of well-being. 

The function of the brain and spinal cord are central to our overall health. Both emotional stresses and physical injuries can create imbalance and restriction within the craniosacral system. When the inherent cranial rhythm is disturbed our health is diminished. Craniosacral Therapy releases these chronic imbalances and nourishes health.

A typical CST session lasts  45 – 60 minutes and takes place in a peaceful, private setting. CST is performed with the client fully clothed and lying on a comfortable massage table. The therapist uses a light touch to “listen to,” or evaluate  the body for patterns of tension or imbalances.

CST is a gentle hands on approach that releases long held tensions within the body. Craniosacral Therapy alleviates a wide variety of problems including chronic pain and dysfunction due to athletic injury, neurologic impairment or spirit level problems. Craniosacral therapy is profoundly relaxing and calming for the nervous system. During a session the client experiences a deepening of respiration, a softening of the musculoskeletal system and a greater sense of ease. Schedule your next CST session with David soon!