Transform your body–and your spirit will follow.

Together, we begin with the physical. In time, as your body feels better, you’ll feel better inside.


Who chooses Acupuncture? People with chronic pain. Those struggling with ongoing physical & emotional issues. People who experience anxiety, depression, & hormonal imbalances also seek acupuncture.

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Acupuncture needles in wooden bowl

Foot pressure points


Who chooses Rolfing? Anyone who wishes to become more flexible. To breathe with greater ease. To reduce back pain, for example. Rolfing lengthens the body, using a combination of touch and movement.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Who chooses craniosacral therapy? People who experience headaches & migraines often find relief in craniosacral therapy. This is also a useful way to treat neck & back pain, as well as TMJ syndrome. Craniosacral therapy can help–

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Therapy Session

Taking pulse


Do you have questions about what’s troubling you— & the diagnosis you may have received? We’re happy to provide a professional assessment, & detailed information about possible treatments.

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