Frome Physical Therapies

Transform your body-& your spirit will follow.

Feeling energized, able to move freely. Being fully engaged in the world– with body & mind.

This is our wish for all those who come for treatment.

People come to us, Rebekah & David Frome, for compassionate, hand-on care.

For us, practicing physical therapy is more than a career: it’s a calling.

We’ve refined the art & science of accurate diagnosis, practical planning, and thorough treatment.

We invite you to contact us for an assessment.

Rebekah Frome, PTA, LMT, Advanced Rolfer

Rebekah Frome, PTA, LMT, Advanced Rolfer

“Early on in my career, I was actually a dancer! After studying modern dance & ballet at Hunter College, I trained in massage at New York’s Swedish Institute. The experience confirmed physical therapy as my calling; it was simply meant to be.

I studied with some of the grandes dames of Rolfing, strong women in every sense of the word. Eventually, I became what we call an ‘advanced Rolfer.’ That means being qualified to help people with pain & many other complex issues.

The advice I find myself giving most often: let yourself really move–in many different ways. Ride a bike, take a swim, do Tai Chi…. By taking a ‘soft,’ functional approach to physical exercise, you can achieve wonders with your body & soul.

David Frome, PT, LAc, Advanced Rolfer

David Frome–PTA, LAc, Advanced Rolfer

“When people ask me how to choose a great physical therapist, I always suggest: choose someone who has extensive knowledge,  is deeply experienced, & cares about your health.

I graduated from New York University with a degree in physical therapy. From that point forward, I immersed myself in learning various therapies, from Rolfing, to acupuncture, to craniosacral therapy.

Each of these practices has had a profound effect on me both as a patient and as a practitioner. I’ve been fortunate to have studied with many gifted teachers.

During our first session, we’ll get to know each other. Together, we’ll get to the root of your issue. And we’ll agree on the right treatment. You’ll never feel rushed during your visits. After all, the body & spirit take their own time to heal.”

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560 Main Street, Suite 2B, Loch Arbour (north of Asbury Park) NJ 07711. Please note: Loch Arbour is about two blocks wide and is often confused with Allenhurst, as shown in the map below. We are across the street from “The Grateful Deli.”

Monday - Friday by appointment.

Call 973.509.8464 for scheduling and location.

Free parking lot 

Getting the Care You Need–On Your Insurance

It’s easier than you think. Frome Physical Therapies is an out-of-network provider. We work with many insurance companies. (And we have a wonderful billing agent!)

Once you decide to work with us, all we need is your name,  insurance-card info, and date of birth.  Please email [email protected] a photo of the front and back of your insurance card.

We handle the paperwork and submit it to your carrier. 

Payment is made for each session by cash, check, or Venmo.