The Body Has Its Reasons

  • Rebekah’s Structural Integration skills

    “Rebekah’s Structural Integration skills are fantastic, and she’s very strong. I’ve felt wonderful–and taller–after every session! I look forward to going to each session. Thank... Read More

  • Before I discovered David o

    “Before I discovered David of Frome Physical Therapy, pain was interfering with my joy in living. It limited my gardening, playing with my young friends,... Read More

  • I got to experience David’s magic

    “I got to experience David’s magic firsthand when I fell & hurt my shoulder. David treated me with acupuncture & recommended physical-therapy exercises. After two... Read More

  • I started Rolfing because

    “I started Rolfing because I was stiff, with an old ladies’ gait–and I’m only 80. Now I can walk miles, without a twinge. My energy... Read More

  • I wanted to say what

    “I wanted to say what a treat it’s been to know you, and how much I appreciate our sessions.” – E.C. Executive

  • Rebekah has been practicing Structural

    “Rebekah has been practicing Structural Integration for many years. Her work is comfortable, gentle, precise and completely respectful. She is a lovely person & a... Read More