The Body Has Its Reasons

  • Rebekah’s Rolfing skills

    “Rebekah’s Rolfing skills are fantastic, and she’s very strong. I’ve felt wonderful–and taller–after every session! I look forward to going to each session. Thank you.”... Read More

  • Rebekah is an excellent Rolfer

    “Rebekah is an excellent Rolfer, who learned her craft with the first generation of Rolfing teachers. After my treatment with Rebekah, I can highly recommend... Read More

  • Our son has problems associated

    “Our son has problems associated with cerebral palsy. David’s amazing experience both as a Rolfer and a classic physical therapist–along with his wonderful personality–are a... Read More

  • Rolfing has been a true gift

    “Rolfing has been a true gift. After years of pain and then back surgery, I feel as though I have been given back so much.... Read More

  • I started Rolfing because

    “I started Rolfing because I was stiff, with an old ladies’ gait–and I’m only 80. Now I can walk miles, without a twinge. My energy... Read More

  • Just wanted to let you know

    “Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling much better! I’m also walking much better. What do people do without Rolfing?” – R.B. Educator

  • Rebekah has been practicing Structural

    “Rebekah has been practicing Structural Integration for many years. Her work is comfortable, gentle, precise and completely respectful. She is a lovely person & a... Read More

  • I now swim faster & straighter

    “I now swim faster & straighter, with much better form. With Rolfing, my swimming feels effortless, & I no longer have any difficulty breathing.”