Acupunture Testimonial

“Not only do I have a phobia about needles, but I was also a skeptic! Not a good way to start on my acupuncture journey, one could say. However, a very good friend of mine, after hearing my continuous moaning about my back and shoulder, ignored my fear and reservations and literally made me the first appointment. I have not looked back since!

“David Frome had been treating my respected friend and her family, with great success for many years and I knew they had tremendous faith and trust in him and his treatments. With this in the forefront of my mind, I was able to put my fear and reservation to one side and begin my own treatment with an open mind. Despite regular chiropractic treatments, I had been suffering from shoulder and back problems for many, many years and was desperately in need of help.”

L.M., Artist, Illustrator, Designer