Acupuncture Testimonial

“My name is George C. and I suffered a severe injury to my back while in the military. The result    was a spinal surgery, which included five metal rods with twelve 4” bolts. I also have scoliosis. The upshot was many years of severe pain which was not responsive to pain management or Physical Therapy.
“I work as a veterinarian and am on my feet eight to twelve hours a day. A very considerate client gave me a gift certificate for acupuncture. For many years I had thought about acupuncture but dismissed it as being ineffective.

“David Frome performed a very through physical exam and took a very lengthy medical history which itself was impressive. He offered suggestions and we got down to work. It was a new experience having pins placed in my body. David took time to explain what he was doing and the basic philosophy of the procedures.

“Initially, I had great trouble getting on and of the procedure table. It was a serious chore causing me a great deal of pain and requiring assistance. Over the past ten months there was at first gradual improvement and than more rapid relief. Today, I can get right on and off the table without help and without pain.

“Based upon my experience I realized the acupuncture was a tremendous help to me. My professional activities and social life have so greatly benefited. I can now lead a fairly normal life free of much pain. I now prescribe acupuncture for my own patients.

“My advise to anyone considering this procedure is to be patient as it can take several treatments before the power of the procedures can be fully appreciated.

“David Frome is a very scholarly, gentle man who practices his art in a relatively painless manor. I have but one regret: That I did not meet David Frome and undergo his acupuncture treatment years ago. It has been a marvelous experience.”

G.C.,  D.V.M