Acupunture Testimonial

“I first met David Frome in 2007, 6 months after a laminectomy for lumbar spinal stenosis. I had heard about Rolfing and hoped it would help me regain my former physical condition. I found Rolfing to be a wonderful experience that created renewed vigor to my entire body. A year later, when a herniated disc began causing severe complications at my surgical site I called David. He recommended I try acupuncture. My new symptoms included hip pain, foot pain and a weakness in my left leg that caused a major imbalance to the point I walked with a cane.

“During our first acupuncture session David was able to not only pinpoint all of my symptoms, but through acupuncture he either eliminated or hugely curtailed all of them. I left after one hour without needing my cane! I had three acupuncture sessions that month, and found most of my pain either completely eliminated or very diminished. My imbalance was gone! I have had follow up sessions a few months later to help with some returning pain, and each time found the acupuncture was incredibly successful at freeing my body from nerve pain. I have to say that the changes that occur from acupuncture are dramatic and sustaining. You also get an emotional feeling of true relief as you feel the pains diminish from the needles. I was truly impressed with how an acupuncture needle could open the necessary pathway to relieve the nerve.

“I have to thank David for once again giving me my life back. Acupuncture is an incredible healing tool. Unlike pain medication which only masks the pain, the needles are truly relieving the pain by helping the nerve pathways. It is so healthy for the body.”

R.K., Educator