Stretches for the Psoas

Last month, we featured the psoas (hip flexor) muscle and some of its’ mysteries. If the psoas muscle goes into spasm frequently enough, over time the muscle will take on a shortened position. A shortened psoas will not extend or lengthen to accommodate changes in position and movement. This pattern of muscular shortening can be experienced as hip or back pain often during the transition from sitting to standing or from standing to walking.

Here are some psoas stretches from several different disciplines. Always stay inside the pain free range.

  1. Hip Circles – This Yi Jin Jing Qigong exercise is a wonderful hip opener and stretches all the muscles of the hip including the psoas.
  • Stand erect with the feet apart and parallel.
  • Choose a point ahead of you to focus upon.
  • Place the palm of your hands on the small of your back and with the middle finger tips touching.
  • Bring the pelvis forward (12 o’clock and move counter clockwise through the clock until you’ve made a complete circle.
  • As you circle, breath in as you move your hips back and breath out as you move your hips forwards.
  • Repeat up to 12 times, than reverse to a clockwise motion.

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