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  • Rolfing® Explained

    Structural Integration balances and aligns the body along a central vertical axis by slowly and progressively balancing the tensions in the fascial network. Rolfing restores... Read More

  • Does Rolfing® Last?

    We are often asked by our clients, “What kind of changes can I expect with Rolfing and do they last”? Many, if not most of... Read More

  • Your Birth Experience and Rolfing®

    Many Rolfers believe that we are shaped by our early experiences, including childbirth. When the fetus experiences difficulty or trauma during gestation or in... Read More

  • Rolfing® & Post Traumatic Stress

    Rolfing can help to heal survivors of emotional or physical trauma. As areas of rigidity soften the distortions of body image can shift.

  • Can Rolfing® Help with Trauma?

    “Physical stress mirrors emotional suffering, relief from physical constraint markedly affects emotional misery.” – Dr. Ida P. Rolf The Irish say, the past is not... Read More

  • Body Beautiful

    What makes a women’s body beautiful? How do the standards of beauty affect self image, identity and shape our sense of what is possible? Nature... Read More

  • Can Rolfing® Improve My Figure?

    Extreme fitness has become increasingly popular in our culture. Crossfit and Bootcamp classes are designed to push us beyond our limits and prepare us for... Read More

  • Is Rolfing® for Kids?

    The Magic of Growth From birth to death our bodies are in constant transition. The soft tissues of our bodies, including muscle, bones, ligaments and... Read More