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  • Does Rolfing Last?

    We are often asked by our clients, “What kind of changes can I expect with Rolfing and do they last”? Many, if not most of... Read More

  • Your Birth Experience and Rolfing

    Many Rolfers believe that we are shaped by our early experiences, including childbirth. When the fetus experiences difficulty or trauma during gestation or in... Read More

  • Rolfing & Post Traumatic Stress

    Rolfing can help to heal survivors of emotional or physical trauma. As areas of rigidity soften the distortions of body image can shift.

  • Can Rolfing Help with Trauma?

    “Physical stress mirrors emotional suffering, relief from physical constraint markedly affects emotional misery.” – Dr. Ida P. Rolf The Irish say, the past is not... Read More

  • Body Beautiful

    What makes a women’s body beautiful? How do the standards of beauty affect self image, identity and shape our sense of what is possible? Nature... Read More

  • Can Rolfing Improve My Figure?

    Extreme fitness has become increasingly popular in our culture. Crossfit and Bootcamp classes are designed to push us beyond our limits and prepare us for... Read More

  • Is Rolfing for Kids?

    The Magic of Growth From birth to death our bodies are in constant transition. The soft tissues of our bodies, including muscle, bones, ligaments and... Read More

  • Will Rolfing Make Me Stronger?

    Many years ago during a meditation class, the my teacher Will Johnson interrupted my ponderings with the statement. “The spine is not a Roman column... Read More