Late Summer And Chinese Medicine – The Earth Element

Five Element Acupuncture relates each season within nature to an aspect of our health.  Have you ever noticed that you feel healthier during certain times of the year?  In Chinese medicine late summer is symbolized by the Earth Element.   Evenings become cooler and sounds of crickets fill the air.  During this time our gardens become ripe and ready for the harvest.


In a good year, if we have tended our crops well and there is enough sun and rain, the harvest is bountiful.  In nature, however, mother earth is not always so kind and the harvest may not be bountiful.

The Earth Element corresponds to the digestion of food and thoughts, of being nurtured and of nurturing.  In our early years, it is our parents who provide us with nutrition and comfort, helping us to feel secure. As we grow and develop, if our Earth Element is strong, we become nurturing to ourselves and to others.  We are able to both give and receive.

Sometimes children are not so lucky.  If a child’s body is not  well nourished  their growth and development will be impaired.  What happens when the child’s mind and spirit are not well tended to?  Later in life, as an adult, they may lack clarity of thought, worry incessantly and not feel secure. Feelings of fulfillment may be elusive. The pantry might be full, but earth’s bounty is not felt.

Problems occur when we become stuck in a single emotion and that emotion rules us.  Emotions should change like the weather. That is, ideally, we would experience each emotion, integrate its lessons and move on, ready for what comes next.

When we feel secure within ourselves, we are able to celebrate the riches of a bountiful harvest amidst life’s impermanence.  We are nourished and enriched by food, people and thoughts, and embrace the fleeting nature of our lives.

Five Element Acupuncture supports the health of the mind, body and spirit to come into balance. The Earth Element provides us with the ability to digest our food and enjoy the comfort of sharing with others.  So yes, Acupuncture can support you to heal from sciatica, immune system challenges and reproductive issues, but we can do much, much more. For help with tapping your potential call us at 973.509.8464  or book on line to schedule an appointment.