Can Rolfing Help Babies?

Aren’t babies perfect when they are born?  Of Course!  But let’s look more closely.  From birth, we are all challenged by gravity.  We spend much of our first year becoming upright; we learning to sit, stand and walk.  These transitions often go smoothly, but not always.

BabySome babies have small issues and develop structural problems; knock knees, pigeon toes, toe walking and scoliosis to name a few.  Some have bigger problems including Cerebral Palsy and Down’s Syndrome.  These babies may have too much or too little muscle tone, which creates unique challenges to their structure and motor development.  Lastly, some babies have problems which are more elusive.   Subtle imbalances in the structure can impede their motor development.

Rolfing can be enormously helpful in this formative time.  A baby’s myofascial tissues are relatively soft.  With a small amount of the right input, Rolfing can balance the tensions in the fascial network and help the baby develop a more organized pattern in gravity.  As the baby becomes more upright and balanced in gravity, their movement becomes more graceful and developmental milestones can be attained.

So yes, it’s true, babies are born perfect.  It’s also true that Rolfing can help babies to blossom and grow.  David Frome has specialized in Rolfing babies, infants and children since 1986.  Call  (973.509.8464  212.529.1901)  or schedule online for your next appointment.