Summer And Chinese Medicine – The Fire Element

Summer is here!  In Chinese medicine, summer corresponds to the Fire Element.  Days are long and hot.  Magically, in the warmth of summer, plants mature and our gardens yield fruits and vegetables. The Fire Element is also key in our human growth and development. Fire corresponds to communication, love, sexuality and joy. In summer, we enjoy connections with our family and  friends.

In nature sometimes fire is excessive and the land becomes parched.  Water, in the form of clouds or rain is needed to provide the necessary balance to fire.  Alternatively, if there is too much water, fire is inadequate and the plants fail to grow.

In Five Element Acupuncture, we are concerned with the health of the body, but also with the health of the mind and spirit.  When the fire element is out of balance, there is often a lack of joy in life.  People with fire imbalances can develop repetitive unhealthy patterns.   For example,  promiscuity shows a lack of discernment in choosing a partner.    Alternatively, some people  build a fortress around their hearts, in attempt to avoid being hurt.  Out of fear, they over protect themselves.  Good connections between people can only happen when the heart is open.

Communication is an important part of forming connections.  Our ability to speak clearly and listen well are key aspects of the fire element.

Problems occur when we become stuck in a single emotion and that emotion rules us.  Emotions should change like the weather.  That is, ideally, we would experience each emotion, integrate its lessons and move on, ready for what comes next.

When our fire element is in good balance, we have love in our hearts and have a strong sense of friendship, family and community.   Our connections with people give us the joy and love that are needed to have a rich and fulfilling life.

Five Element Acupuncture supports the health of the mind, body and spirit to come into balance. The fire element provides us with the ability to make connections and have healthy relationships with others.  So yes, Acupuncture can support you to healing from neck problems, chronic fatigue syndrome and reproductive issues, but we can do much, much more.  For help with tapping your potential call us at 973.509.8464 • 212.529.1901 or book on line to schedule an appointment.