Rolfing And Healthy Aging

During the course of a series of Rolfing sessions I have observed one particular client’s walk change. I explained to him at the end of his tenth session that his walk now looked “free wheeling”. Later, questioning the choice of words, I looked up the definition. “Free wheeling – loose and unrestrained.” Exactly the description I was looking to convey to him, a new sense of freedom and confidence that his walk exuded.

The client, a 50-year-old man with an active lifestyle and no significant health issues explained to me that he had caught sight of his profile in a store window and not been happy with the reflection. I asked him to walk around the treatment room. His walk revealed a goal that we could mutually agree to work upon during the course of his Rolfing treatment. Although he moved spritely and did not look like anyone would be able to push him over without a fight, he had lost something in his stature and movement that had aged him. Read More