Healing Trauma with Acupuncture & Rolfing

The body stores memories of trauma in the soft tissue.  We may re-experience the sensations of our injuries when we are touched.  Certain parts of our bodies may be tightly held, affecting our breath, structure and movement.  When trauma  occurs, the nervous system carries a message to the muscles  to tighten.  The traumatic experience becomes part of the body memory – a relationship between the fascia and the nervous system.

ImageFascia, a connective tissue, is the packing material of the body.  Fascia envelopes the muscles, bones and joints, holds us together and maintains our structures unique pattern.  The nervous system is a network of specialized cells (neurons) which, in it’s most basic form, receives information from the outside world, processes it and allows us to respond to the stimulus.

Ideally, if we have a traumatic experience, we process the information and can get on with our lives.  Sometimes this information overwhelms the system and gets stuck.  We may feel fear all the time, or perhaps our breath is shallow.  The trauma becomes part of the body memory.

Rolfers use deep pressure through their hands to release chronic tensions within the fascia.  As the tensions in the myofascia become more balanced, not only does alignment, breath and movement improve, but the nervous system has a chance to heal.  As the muscles are released from their shortened state, the physical remnants of trauma are cleared.  Rolfing or Structural Integration can help the nervous system to integrate the traumatic event.

Acupuncturists also work through the fascial system. Specifically, needles are inserted into points along energetic pathways called meridians.  These pathways correspond to fascial junctions (where muscle joins with muscle or bone) and forms lines of stress within the soft tissue.  Through these energetic pathways, acupuncturists work to regulate the nervous system and organ function.  Acupuncture can also be used to regulate the tensional forces within the fascia and organize the structure.  As the balance within the fascia and the nervous system are restored, body memories can shift and we can heal from trauma.  Structural acupuncture is a relatively new practice, and David Frome is among the pioneers of this field.

In the healing arts, no one can erase traumatic experience, but we can create the opportunity for healing.  At Frome Physical Therapy, we are committed to supporting you in Caring For Your Health. Call us now  (973.509.8464  212.529.1901)  or schedule online for your next appointment.