First Rolfing Session – What To Expect?

Many people arrive for their first Rolfing session with apprehension. New clients wonder if Rolfing can help them to overcome a particular problem. Often, people wonder how Rolfing will feel.

Here’s what you can expect to happen during your first Rolfing session.

We begin by sitting down together. We are curious to know where you have been, how you are currently, and what you would like to happen in your future. Your health history, the physical, emotional challenges you are facing are of interest to us. We want to know what brings you to Rolfing, and what you would like to receive from the process.

A visual assessment is next.

While you stand with your feet together we will take note of  how your structure is organized. Each person has a unique way of holding themselves together to cope with their life experience, and accomplish all they need to do. We are looking to see how your body lines up within the gravity field. How your body parts relate to the vertical axis in front of your spine has bearing upon the stresses and strains that you experience on a daily basis. We will note whether your head sits directly over the shoulders, whether your shoulders are over your hips, as well as the hips and knees over the ankles. Read More