Can Rolfing® Cure Lower Back Pain?

Carmen* got in touch with us after having gone through a series of treatments for a herniated disc in her lower back 10 years ago. She was 34 then. Her doctor had suggested several different methods of treatment including physical therapy, medication and ultimately epidural injections.   None of these treatments proved successful.

She had developed a very disabling chronic pain, which affected her everyday life. Being a teacher by profession, it was all the more difficult for her. Finally, she decided to give in to surgery.

Oh, My Aching Back 1956

Oh, My Aching Back  – The Honeymooners


The surgery relieved her of severe pain and she returned to her job as a teacher. “I felt old and stiff after the surgery”, said Carmen while describing her post-surgery experience.

The experience of disabling pain, immobility and subsequent surgery had aged her. Furthermore, while back surgery had successfully relieved her of severe pain it left her with scar tissue. It was the scar tissue that made her stiff and prone to re-injury.

It was at this time, someone at work mentioned the benefits of Rolfing. Her colleague referred her to Rebekah Frome, a Rolfer at our center.

Rolfing is an effective therapy for restoring mobility and decompressing the spine. We started her therapy and as she received Rolfing, she could feel the difference. “I feel more alive”, she commented as her therapy sessions went on.

With gentle and sustained pressure, the shortenings in the myofascial system that limit breath and motion were released. After one session Carmen said, “This is the first deep breath I have been able to take in years. I had forgotten this feeling of freedom in my rib cage.”

After 10 sessions of Rolfing, Carmen felt strong and resilient. She reported feeling great and started to attend yoga classes.

Rebekah states that “While back injuries happen to so many of us we don’t have to carry around their effects for the rest of our lives. Not only can we restore movement and vitality, but we can also help to prevent further episodes of pain through Rolfing.”

But the real example of how good Rolfing is can be expressed with Carmen’s testimonial. “I have to say that my experience with Rolfing has been a true gift.  After years of pain and then back surgery, I didn’t believe that my body would ever again fell the way it did when I was younger. After 10 sessions I feel fit, flexible and comfortable in my own physical abilities.  I feel as though I have been given back so much that I had lost – or that was forgotten.  Thank you!”  C.K., Educator  More  Rolfing Testimonials