Rolfing Testimonials

“A little discomfort for a little while – than years of waking into each day without pain.  I feel better at 53 than I did at 33.”

“It has given my aunt her life back.  Being a hair stylist for 25 years takes it’s toll.  Add in a car accident and some stress!  I am her driver, for these sessions and let me tell you – what a difference!  Not only in body, but in mind.”

“After the birth of my daughter, for 15 months I’ve endured pain, especially in feet, ankles and back.  After many specialists I came to Rolfing.  In one session I noticed enough freedom in my ankles to be able to walk and stand and keep up with my toddler!  I know as I keep coming, I will met all my fitness goals with great health and longevity.  Thank you for existing!”

“I don’t remember what caused me to discover Rolfing, but something told me that I need it.  I didn’t even really know what it was.  I’ve been a pianist my whole life and four years ago I developed tendonitis in both arms.  My entire body suffered.  Pain in my shoulders, neck, back, elbows, arms and hands (did I forget anything?).  For three years, I received various treatments including deep tissue massage.   All brought some improvement but they didn’t last.  Rolfing has given me more than I could have hoped for.  The pain is gone, I feel stronger, and more relaxed and feel better about myself.  Thank you so much for putting me back on the right track, and for allowing me to do what I love again.”

“I am ecstatic about the changes of how my body functions and the change of how I feel as a result of having the Rolfing treatment!
I could barely sit for three minutes before developing severe back pain prior to Rolfing; now I can sit for prolonged periods of time.
I have gained inches in height.  Although my weight has been the same for years, my waist sized decreased markedly. Rolfing enabled my rib cage to lift itself up from where it had almost been resting on my hips.  As a result my pants became too loose, which made it necessary for me to make a new hole in my belt.
I now swim faster and straighter with much better form, less effort and no longer any difficulty breathing.
Although walking had previously been difficult, I now walk for miles with ease.
The only regret I have about Rolfing is that most people have never experienced the wonders of Rolfing.  I am extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of dedicated persistent hard work you have put into enabling me to experience these changes.  You could only have done this because you believe in what Rolfing can accomplish as much as I do.”

“I recommend my friend Rebekah Frome is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration. Rebekah has been practicing Structural Integration for many years. Her work is comfortable, gentle, precise and completely respectful of the tissues and the person. I have known Rebekah for about 15 years. She is a lovely person, a true professional and her skillful and effective work has always helped me tremendously. ”  M.M. L.M.T

“Your work really has me feeling AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to come back! Wish I could do twice a week! Once I get more flow going, I want to do a whole 10 sessions, again. I think I was so over the moon feeling good that I got carried away with running my errands. I slept DEEP that night as well and slept throughout the entire night! YUMMY!
I appreciate you SO MUCH and can’t wait to see you, again! My body LOVES YOU and thanks you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”   C.K. L.M.T.

“Overall, I feel much better! The sinus work has really helped my breathing. I feel like I have more space in my back. The work you did in my abdomen area really helped free me up, too. The base of my head/neck was a delicious release. I’m aware of pulling in my right hip/hip flexors, which is good. It affirms that I know I need to start a fresh series! Especially noticing my tension in my ankle/shin area. Very very excited to work with you more!!!!
I have been spreading the word about your work!”   C.K. L.M.T.

“I wanted to say what a treat it’s been to know you and how much I appreciate the sessions we had. You’ll be pleased to hear that one of my co-workers just this morning commented on my good posture! Of course I told her about you and Rolfing. She’s actually concerned about her own posture, so she may contact you.”
E.C. Executive

“I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better! The knot in my neck and shoulder has eased up a lot and my foot, after one year, is almost pain free! I am walking much better now.
I am continuing the exercises you showed me for my feet and am gently stretching everything else.
I am going to see how this goes and will be in touch. Thank you so much for your hard work, your gifts and for sharing! What do people do without Rolfing?”   R.B. Educator

“I started Rolfing because I was aware of moving stiffly with an old ladies gate and I am only 80. I used to get pain in my hip after a short walk; now I can walk miles without a twinge. Now, my back is straight and I walk easily.  Another plus:  I was accustomed to waking up in the morning with a stiff and aching body, which I attributed to age.  Now, it is a pleasure to awaken feeling good – no stiffness, no aching bones.  My energy has increased tremendously.”

“I have felt the beginnings of significant changes in my body.  I feel more inside my own skin – more aware of subtleties of my physical experience.  I am also experiencing changes in my breathing.  I feel a sense of my pelvic floor where I breathe, which is new for me and which I greatly like.  I am more in touch with my authentic self and I am deeply grateful for this experience.”

“I have to say that my experience with Rolfing has been a true gift.  After years of pain and then back surgery, I didn’t believe that my body would ever again fell the way it did when I was younger. After 10 sessions I feel fit, flexible and comfortable in my own physical abilities.  I feel as though I have been given back so much that I had lost – or that was forgotten.  Thank you!”  C.K., Educator   CK’s Case Study

“Our son has PVL and associated cerebral palsy. In addition to classic PT and OT, he was seen by David Frome once a week. The calm, focused and warm atmosphere during the therapy sessions with David ensured that our son was highly cooperative and receptive to David’s Rolfing technique. We were impressed by David’s holistic approach and the commitment towards improving our son’s motor skills.
David’s amazing experience both as a Rolfer and a classic physical therapist along with his wonderful personality are a gift. We are absolutely convinced that our son’s amazing progress has certainly roots in David’s therapies.
Thank you very much for your great work with Sidney! We appreciate every minute and think he has made terrific progress over a relatively short period of time!”
T.P. Executive
Sam’s Case Study

“Rebekah is an excellent Rolfer, who learned her craft with the first
generation of Rolfing teachers, people who studied directly with Ida Rolf herself. She is a sensitive health care worker who cares about the effects of her treatments. I was impressed that she could conduct what was needed with an amazing effectiveness and economy of strokes. She made a definite improvement on my structure, like a sculptor of fascia. After my treatment with Rebekah this evening, I can highly recommend her.” P.O.

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