What is Rolfing? And What is Structural Integration?

Rolfing is actually a slang term coined during the ’70s. Dr. Rolf, the founder, wanted her work to be known as “Structural Integration.” She was one of the first women biochemists to graduate from Columbia University in the 1920s.

Many people do not know what Rolfing is. This powerful treatment helps you to stand taller, breathe more fully, and move with greater ease. 

Our bodies store years of accumulated stress, surgeries, and injuries. Rolfing de-stresses the body with fascial manipulation. Fascia, a form of connective tissue determines our posture and movement.

Picture yourself breathing more fully and moving with greater ease. Rolfing helps you to feel stable and connected to the ground while providing your body with a sense of lightness and upward lift. Additionally, Rolfing is calming to the nervous system, leaving you with a sense of peace.