Acupuncture Testimonial

Besides the incredible lower back pain, I was also having almost constant nausea, irregular to no periods, dry eyes, and a lot of fatigue. After just a few months of seeing David Frome for acupuncture, my symptoms were far less and quite unexpectedly, I started to get my periods again. After six months of treatment, my periods became completely regular, my lower back pain was nearly gone, and my energy was restored. It has now been over a year that I have been receiving acupuncture from David and I feel better than ever and I am very much benefitting from the treatments. My energy, cycles, lack of pain, and general health are so improved. Before I saw David, I probably got sick five – six times per year and often needed a course of antibiotics. Since David, I have not been on antibiotics once. A miracle-worker!

I cannot recommend David highly enough. He has restored my health and then some.

J.  N. O.
Executive Producer, Advertising