Rolfing Testimonial

“I am ecstatic about the changes of how my body functions and the change of how I feel as a result of having the Rolfing treatment!
I could barely sit for three minutes before developing severe back pain prior to Rolfing; now I can sit for prolonged periods of time.
I have gained inches in height.  Although my weight has been the same for years, my waist sized decreased markedly. Rolfing enabled my rib cage to lift itself up from where it had almost been resting on my hips.  As a result my pants became too loose, which made it necessary for me to make a new hole in my belt.
I now swim faster and straighter with much better form, less effort and no longer any difficulty breathing.
Although walking had previously been difficult, I now walk for miles with ease.
The only regret I have about Rolfing is that most people have never experienced the wonders of Rolfing.  I am extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of dedicated persistent hard work you have put into enabling me to experience these changes.  You could only have done this because you believe in what Rolfing can accomplish as much as I do.”