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When you have a health problem, it’s personal.

You can trust us to listen. We’ll find the problem–and the solution.

Acupuncture Closeup


Who seeks out acupuncture? Often, it’s people who are struggling with physical & emotional issues. Acupuncture also helps people with anxiety & depression.

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Posture Drawing


Rolfing is for everyone who wishes to improve their posture & become more flexible. To breathe with greater ease. To reduce back pain, for example.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Headaches & migraines respond well to craniosacral therapy. This is also a useful way to treat neck & back pain

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Meet Our Providers

Rebekah Frome, PTA, LMT, Advanced Rolfer

Rebekah Frome, PTA, LMT, Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration

“Early on in my career, I was actually a dancer! After studying modern dance & ballet at Hunter College, I trained in massage at New York’s Swedish Institute. The experience confirmed the healing arts as my calling; it was simply meant to be.

David Frome, PT, LAc, Advanced Rolfer

David Frome, PT, LAc, Advanced Rolfer

“When people ask me how to choose a great physical therapist, I always suggest: choose someone who has deep knowledge, deep experience, & someone who cares deeply about your health. For my part, when I was 15 years old, I took a class in the healing arts. By the time it was over, I knew I was ‘home.’