3 Physical Therapies that Improve Mental Health

Anxiety and depression have touched the lives of many, if not most of us. We are frequently overwhelmed by the stresses of our daily lives and are over stimulated by technology. The problems we are facing as a planet, can feel too burdensome to bear. For many of us traumas from the past go unprocessed and unhealed.  

While drugs can play an important role in mental health problems, they come at a cost.

At Frome Physical Therapy, we are committed to your mental and emotional well-being. We use both acupuncture and Rolfing to help you take care of body, mind and spirit.

Five Element Acupuncture

Anxiety and depression have energetic underpinnings that can be treated with Five Element Acupuncture. Each person has unique underlying constitutional issues and energetic blocks that may compromise their mental health.

StaciFive Element Acupuncture is a powerful tool for removing these energetic blocks and strengthening the constitution. Concurrently, we bring the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems towards balance to restore resiliency. Present day stresses become less overwhelming and easier to resolve.

Rolfing/Structural Integration

In response to trauma, it is natural to contract and brace to stabilize against danger. Long after the trauma has occurred, fear and pain can manifest in the soft tissue of the body, causing structural shortening, immobility and bracing. Old wounds can affect our lives in profound ways.

Rolfing releases chronic tensions in the soft tissue and creates the opportunity for the body to let go of the baggage of the past and become resilient once again.