Pet Machine Air Cleaner

Pet Machine™ Air Cleaner

Designed for pet owners to help manage pet allergens and odors

  • Your pet’s dander (dry skin), saliva and urine may trigger respiratory allergies and asthma. Additionally, your dog or cat can bring home dirt, dust, pollen and mold spores from the outdoors.
  • The Austin Air Pet Machine™ has 60 square feet of true medical grade HEPA media to remove allergens including pet dander, saliva and more.
  • 15 lbs. of activated carbon with Ammoniasorb to limit pet smells.
  • Delivers pure air in 15 seconds flat.
  • Long lasting and economical to run.

Pet Dander

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Austin Air Pet Machine™ HEPA Air Cleaner



  1. Unique filter designed for pet sensitivities – With over 15 lbs of activated carbon treated with zeolite and Ammoniasorb™ (a chemisorber). Only the Austin Air Pet Machine™ has ammoniasorb and is designed to help control unwanted pet odors.
  2. Substantial HEPA filter – Designed for allergies, asthma, environmental illness and anyone who breathes!  Sixty square feet of HEPA material removes submicron particles from the air, including pet dander, pet saliva, mold spores, dust mites, pollen, microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) and other allergens.
  3. Austin Air products are built to last. The body is all steel and powder-coated with a non-toxic baked on finish. The motor is designed to be run continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months a year for a minimum of five years. Austin Air stands behind this promise.
  4. The Pet Machine™ Air Purifier is an investment in your health. Allergy and asthma attacks are debilitating. When you have trouble breathing, you cannot wait one moment for a breath of pure air.
  5. Made with pride in the USA.

Austin Air cleaners are economical to run and maintain.  Since the filter lasts a full five years, you save a fortune on filter replacements.

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Pet Machine™ Technical Specifications

  • Cleans a room area of up to 1500 sq. ft
  • Height: 23″, Width: 14.5″ x 14.5″
  • Weight: 45 pounds

Permafilt™ Pre-filter

  • Traps large dust particles
  • Designed to be vacuumed from outside
  • Eliminates costly filter changes

Fan Rating

  • 250 actual cubic feet of air per minute (cfm) on high setting (Don’t be fooled by our competitor’s claims of higher cfm ratings!)
  • Cleans a room area of up to 1500 square feet

Filter Assembly

  • 13.5″ diameter, 14.5″ height
  • Sixty square feet true medical grade HEPA filter medium
  • Nearly 15 lb. mixture of solid activated carbon zeolite and Ammoniasorb
  • Meets HEPA standards, trapping 99.7 percent of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns and 95 percent of all particles large than 0.1 microns
  • Metal endplates
  • Foam sealing gaskets top and bottom
  • Weight: 23 pounds

Fan and Motor Assembly

  • 3 speed centrifugal fan
  • Power rating: 1.2 amps, 120 volts
  • 132 watt power consumption at highest setting
  • Motor type: Permanent split capacitor (PSC), rated for continuous high RPM
  • Motor mounted on shock absorbers
  • CSA, NRTL and CE approved

The Pet Machine™ Air Purifier is an investment in your health!