Can I Get Acupuncture Online?”

If you are not able to see us in person, we can offer you a magnet therapy treatment online. Telehealth appointments are available with David. After evaluating your symptoms and concerns, he will offer a plan of action including, acupuncture magnet therapy and exercise. A wide range of problems including structural, acute and chronic health conditions can be addressed online.

Order the magnets They cost around $12 and take about a week to arrive. Once you’ve got them, contact us to schedule an appointment.

The treatment begins with a discussion and assessment of your current concerns.  For physical problems, we look at posture, movement patterns, range of motion and learn about your pain, restrictions and holding patterns.

After our assessment, we may suggest lifestyle changes and offer corrective exercises. We help you to find the correct anatomical location of the specific acupuncture points and guide you to apply the magnets.

The magnets are powerful gold plated 800 gauss and come on a small circular adhesive tape. We are using the magnets to influence specific points along the acupuncture meridians. Magnets, like acupuncture needles influence the flow of Qi (energy) through the meridians  and can influence our health. The magnets can be left on the body for up to five days and the stimulus is slow and sustained. 

I have used telemedicine to treat anxiety, depression, severe back pain, pneumonia, insomnia and digestive problems.