Oh, My Aching Back – A Dentist’s Story

People are often surprised to hear that acupuncture can cure a musculoskeletal problem such as low back pain. Western medicine tends to underplay the role that the body’s energy field can have on health.

Dr. P, a dentist by profession got in touch with us with a ten-year history of low back pain. With an occupation that demanded him to be standing and leaning forward for many hours a day, he had sharp spikes of low back pain on a daily basis. Additionally, he was also a golf enthusiast, which further made his symptoms worse.

Dentist leaning over patientHis physician had prescribed NSAIDs, steroidal injections, nerve blocks, facet injection, back braces and many rounds of physical therapy.  None of these approaches proved successful – his LBP persisted. When he came to David, he explained, “I tried many modalities over the years, to no avail. I would usually look for the quick, easy, no work on my part back cure; ie; drugs, steroid injections, block injections, facet injections, braces, supports, several rounds of physical therapy, physiotherapy, electrical stimulation and others. All to little or no avail, my pain was constant.”

He decided to give acupuncture a try. David started with getting a thorough history including motion tests & structural analysis. Additionally, he took Dr. P.’s pulses and performed palpation to understand the precise nature of this problem and it’s underlying causes.

David found some structural issues that had previously been overlooked. Dr. P had a severely shortened illiacus muscle in his right pelvis. Additionally, he had an abdominal scar from an old surgery that was very tender to the touch. Scar tissue can become dry and hard, preventing the qi or energy from flowing smoothly through the body. In Chinese medicine it is believed that scar tissue can form an energetic block that can result in chronic structural or health problems.

After eight acupuncture treatments, Dr. P.’s illiacus muscle was no longer short and the scar tissue was normal to the touch. LBP became a memory. He got out bed and realized he had no pain. “I twisted and contorted my body in order to stimulate the discomfort, but it was not there”, said a very happy Dr. P.

He now enjoys his busy New York city practice and can no longer blame his back for his challenges on the golf course.

David states: “Low back problems are often complex. A thorough assessment can help us get to the bottom of the problem. Then, we can find a unique and elegant solution to support your recovery and help prevent recurrence.”

But the real example of how good acupuncture is can be expressed with Dr. P’s testimonial.  “I would recommend David to anyone who is living with pain, don’t spend years chasing a medical solution that may not exist, try acupuncture with David Frome.” 

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