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Urinary tract infections are a significant health issue.  This problem affects hundreds of millions of women around the world each year. On average, these infections tend to last six days.

Women’s UTIs tend to be recurrent.  Chronic UTIs can lead to inflammation of the urinary bladder called cystitis. Is this problem inevitable? Not for most women.

First, let’s look at women’s anatomy and microbiology. The female bladder drains through the urethra, exiting the body in front of the vagina. Similarly, the uterus opens to the vaginal canal and into the vagina. The vagina is host to the healthy bacteria lactobacilli, more famously known as the friendly bacteria of the intestines. In the vagina and urethra, these bacteria provide protection against bacterial intruders. A healthy colony of lactobacilli in the vaginal region can not only prevent UTI’s and but also prevent yeast infections in the vaginal canal.

More than two thirds of all UTIs are caused by E-coli or staphylococcus saprophyticus bacteria. To complicate this picture, the antibiotics prescribed in the treatment of UTIs often destroy the lactobacilli colony. The E-coli or staph take up residence in place of the lactobacilli. Recurrence of infection almost becomes inevitable.

What can you do? For hundreds of years, women have used a folk remedy which today, is being shown to have a scientific basis. You can cultivate healthy bacteria in the vaginal region. This can be done in several ways. One simple method is to implant lactobacilli in the vaginal canal by using a tampon or sponge soaked in plain yogurt with an active culture. Alternatively, a lactobacillus suppository can be used to cultivate healthy flora in the vaginal region. These methods are sometimes used as treatment where antibiotics are not available. For those who do take antibiotics, lactobacillus implants can also be used to re-establish a healthy microbial environment and prevent the recurrence of UTIs.

In addition to the home remedies we listed, acupuncture is a powerful tool to assist the body to heal from infection. Unlike antibiotics, with acupuncture there are no rebound effects and the treatments will strengthen the immune system, helping you to prevent recurrence. A one year study in Norway  of 100 women  showed that acupuncture reduced the incidence of cystitis by more than half. Call us now (973) 509-8464 or schedule online for your next appointment.

The contents in this article are not meant to be diagnostic or prescriptive. Urinary tract infections are sometimes complex, and a physician should always be consulted before choosing a course of treatment.