Biking In Manhattan – How To Stay Safe

If you live, work or play in Manhattan, how do you get around?  Cars, buses and taxis can take forever. For many New Yorkers, walking is a good alternative.  What about biking?

Some recent developments in the last several years are changing the way we travel around the city. City Bike, a bike sharing system provides inexpensive access to bicycles without having to deal with the three biggest hassles of owning a bicycle in an urban environment – storage, maintenance and theft.

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Additionally, New York now has an extensive system of bike paths, bike lanes and greenways.  This development has helped to make Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs considerably easier to navigate on a bicycle.

However, urban biking is not without it’s hazards. Here are some things to consider. In an eight-year study of fatal bike accidents conducted by, 97% of the bicyclists were not wearing a helmet. In 74% of these deaths the victim suffered head trauma. Less than 1% of these fatalities occurred in a bike lane.

Safety Tips For Biking In New York City

•     Wear a helmet, always
•     Use bike lanes
•     Yield to pedestrians
•     Observe traffic laws
•     Avoid being doored.  Keep a safe margin between you and parked cars.
•     Consider attending a bike safety course from Bike New York.