Home Remedies for Sinusitis

People have the assumption that you catch a cold when someone next to you sneezes. Some colds do begin with the intimate sharing of germs and this is a great argument for using a high quality HEPA air cleaner to remove germs from the air and prevent the spread of sickness. But my most recent cold was not a neighbor’s gift.

My cold began as a response to eating spanakopita (Greek spinach pie.) It could just as easily have come from an exposure to tree pollen, dust mites or mold spores. You see, I became severely allergic and had an acute attack of sinusitis. The floodwaters dripped down my throat (post nasal drip) and into my lungs. The copious discharge began as clear, turned to white and…..you are probably getting the drift.

Western medicine has begun to question the widespread use of antibiotics to treat common infections. Here’s why:
Antibiotics kill both harmful and friendly bacteria.
Antibiotics cultivate strains of bacteria that have resistance to subsequent treatment.
Antibiotics may interrupt the body’s healthy responses to pathogens. We may need to “exercise our immune system” to build a strong system of defenses.Sick-In-Bed-791x1024
What did I do when my health went south? For the truly courageous, I’ll share a couple of my more interesting “tools,” for the treatment of infection.
Nasal irrigation is the flushing out of your sinuses with a mild solution of water and salt. Since the sinuses are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, why not clean them out? You can use a neti pot or mechanical nasal irrigator to help clear the nasal passages and sinuses. Nasal irrigation is also helpful in the treatment of respiratory allergies.
Wet Socks are a folk remedy that’s been in use for hundreds of years to treat infection, headaches, sleep problems and more. Here’s what you need:
Cotton socks
Wool or thermal socks
A warm bed
Here’s what you do:
Run cotton socks under cold water, ring out and sit on the side of the bed.
Put on wet socks and put dry wool socks on top.
Go to bed with enough blankets to stay warm. Sleep!

How do wet socks work?
Infections create a “stagnation of fluids.” That means when your tissues are inflamed, there isn’t too much happening in the waste removal or nutrient delivery department. Wet socks shift your body’s priority to your feet, as blood is needed to warm up your feet and dry those socks. On it’s journey, the blood is filtered by both the liver and kidneys. Clean, nutrient rich blood returns to the site of your infection.

Additionally, I used acupuncture and naturopathy in the restoration of my health. This time, I successfully escaped the use of antibiotic therapies and landed on my feet!

The absolute best approach for dealing with colds is avoidance. Acupuncture can help you “tune” your immune system and body to stay healthy and well. Call us at 973.509.8464 • 212.529.1901 or book on line to schedule an appointment.

The contents in this article are not meant to be diagnostic or prescriptive. Respiratory problems are sometimes complex, and a physician should always be consulted before choosing a course of treatment.