Can Rolfing Heal Dance Injuries?

Dancing is the hidden language of the soul. The body says what words cannot” – Martha Graham, Dancer & Choreographer.

Dance is just as much an athletic event as an artistic form of self-expression. If you love to dance, nothing is more frustrating than being sidelined by injury. Whether you dance occasionally, or have a career as a dancer, Rolfing will help you to prevent and recover from injury.

Better breath, better pace and generally better dancing
Since a lot of dancing works against gravity, Rolfing could be of greater benefit since it reorganizes the body so that gravity is a supporting force.

Some interesting benefits have been reported by dancers who have been Rolfed. Helen, a modern dancer reported being able to run more quietly across the stage. This is likely related to the new found healthy functioning of her arches after a Rolfing series.

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Gina, a ballet dancer reported that she can now leap across the stage without struggling to catch her breath. After the first Rolfing session, the motility of the rib cage  often expands and allows for more oxygen to be inspired.

Better body image
The most touching of comments that I received after Rolfing a young dance student was “I feel so much better about my body. I don’t hate it anymore.

Rolfing can be effective medicine for negative body image that tends to haunt dancers in particular. Dancers are often taught to scrutinize their bodies in the mirror; the size, the shape, the line.

Breathing fully, standing squarely on both feet, feeling your head reaching heaven ward and your shoulders back allowing for an open heart – these proprioceptive experiences gained from Rolfing create a foundation for self confidence and a transformation of who one is, and how one appears to others.

The sense of self deepens as the physical body is freed of its tension. The mind and nervous system then have a chance to recalibrate.

It is important for dancers to maintain their flexibility and if possible gain more of it. Also, extensive dancing often causes  certain kinds of strain on the body.  Rolfing helps to counteract this strain and produces increased flexibility and mobility, along with improvements of motor control and better posture. That is a wonderful benefit of getting Rolfed and for dancers, it is invaluable.