Autumn And Chinese Medicine – The Metal Element

Five Element Acupuncture relates each season within nature to a specific emotion within ourselves. Have you ever noticed that your spirits change at different times of the year? In Chinese medicine, autumn is symbolized by the Metal Element. The days become shorter and crisper. Autumn’s changes are dramatic: the leaves become golden and crimson, before they fall to the ground and decay, enriching the soil. Can you guess which emotion is linked to the Metal Element?

Autumn-leavesThe Metal Element guides us in the receiving of inspiration and the releasing of waste.  Within each breath, we receive valuable oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide, a toxic metabolite.  Both aspects are critical to our health.  We must fully empty our lungs to make room for a new breath.  Not surprisingly, the Lung and Large Intestine meridians belong to the Metal Element.

Metals rhythms of taking in and letting go also affect our spirit.  When we feel inspired, we enjoy life’s riches and have a sense of harmony and connection to the universal spirit.   Inspiration enables us to aspire to do things well.  There are also times in life, however, when we must empty our hearts and let go of what we treasure most.  When we experience the death of a loved one, we grieve.  While our loss may be great, over time, we understand death’s important role in the cycle of life.  It is in the letting go that we prepare to love again.

Problems occur when we become stuck in a single emotion and that emotion rules us.  Emotions should change like the weather. That is, ideally, we would experience each emotion, integrate its lessons and move on, ready for what comes next.

Five Element Acupuncture supports the health of the mind, body and spirit to come into balance. The Metal Element provides us with the ability to receive inspiration and release waste.  It helps us to feel profound connection, and when it’s time, it helps us to let go of that connection.  So yes, Acupuncture can support you to heal from trauma, autoimmune challenges and endocrine issues, but we can do much, much more. For help with tapping your potential call us at 973.509.8464 • 212.529.1901 or book on line to schedule an appointment.