Acupuncture & Surfing: Treating Injuries

Athletes are prone to injuries, including ankle sprains,  tendonitis, and repetitive strain.  Surfer’s have some unique challenges. Before surfer’s can catch a wave they paddle to it. Sometimes, it takes as many as 70 strokes to reach the wave.  Paddling requires surfers to lay prone on their board, arching their back. This static posture makes neck, and low back problems particularly common amongst surfers.  Surfers also struggle with shoulder and knee problems.

That’s where acupuncture helps.

Each of these sports injuries has common features that I address using acupuncture.

1.   Inflammation
2.   Pain
3.   Muscle spasm
4.   Loss of mobility

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury. Armies of white blood cells are sent to the injured area to protect and repair the damaged tissue. Swelling impairs circulation of energy and fluids; this leads to pain. In turn, pain causes muscle spasm, which causes a loss of mobility. Ultimately, rigor-mortis set in.


Young girl surfing in crouched position

All injuries, whether recent or ancient, cause energy to become trapped, stagnant and blocked. Acupuncture restores the flow of energy to the injured area. I typically use acupuncture points that are far away from an injury (distal points) to remove the energetic block, improve blood flow and reduce pain. As the muscle spasm subsides, mobility is restored. Acupuncture restores your mobility.  Acupuncture taps the body’s innate ability to heal.

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