The Air Cleaner Store Testimonials

After purchasing the first HealthMate Plus, my husband and
I found that when we walked out of our bedroom in the morning we could smell the “new house” smell in the rest of the home.  It’s so
interesting that we didn’t even realize that it smelled until we came
from a room with clean air.  So, we quickly decided it was worth it to
order another one for our downstairs.  Thank you again David for helping me
choose HealthMate Plus for my initial purchase.”Sincerely,
M. G.  Cranford, NJ

“We had our first night with the HealthMate Plus last night. It was great! It is a really nice machine. Not too loud, but strong enough to really move the air and makes it feel and smell so much sweeter! Thanks for all of your help!”S.L., Brooklyn, N.Y.

“My Bedroom Machine and Allergy Machine work great! I have asthma and I feel like I am at the ocean breathing fresh air with these filters!”
M. M., Sacramento, C.A.

“Periodically over the years, sometimes for months at a time, I suffered from bouts of very low energy. The source of the low energy eluded me since I was living a reasonably healthy lifestyle.  My last low energy period extended from May until August of 2009, which really put a damper on my summer.I went to my general practitioner, and my blood tests were normal.  Considering my symptoms, the doctor then wanted me to see a neurologist, which I balked at.  Against my doctor’s advice, I went to a local allergist even though I did not have the typical symptoms of allergies (I did not have a runny nose or red scratchy eyes).  I discovered that I was indeed allergic to four items.

As I result, I vacuum my apartment more often.  Just as important, or more so, I then talked to David Frome and bought the air filter he recommended for my situation, the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr.  Since turning it on last August, I have not experienced the low energy.  An unexpected plus is that my apartment no longer has dog odor.  When I come back from work and open the door, the air in the apartment is completely neutral and odorless.  I leave the filter on the low setting; it uses very little electricity. I am very satisfied. I should have done this years ago.”

D. V., Montclair, N.J.

“Thank you so much for this order. I have tried over the last couple of months to purchase Austin Air purifiers from various different companies. Nobody seemed to want to ship them to Hawaii. Then I finally found The Air Cleaner Store website.They arrived here on Friday in great condition no damage to the boxes nor the units. We did run them for an hour on high and they are working great. Again thank you so much!”

G. L. Wahiawa, Hawai’i

“Thank you for the great service and greatly reduced cost of shipping your air purifiers to Hawaii. You also expedited it’s delivery for which I am very grateful!It took a while to find the right position for the air cleaner in the room for the quickest and best results. What a wonderful difference the HealthMate Plus has made. While I still have asthma attacks, they are not as many, nor do they last as long as before I got the Austin Air.

Our islands had several really bad days of vog (volcanic air pollution) after the HealthMate Plus arrived. We are expecting another round of bad days from tomorrow through next week. But, my sinuses get a respite from the exposure while I’m at home, and the Austin Air cleaner boosts my resistance.

So, I’m very grateful that we found your Air Cleaner Store. We’ve been extolling the benefits of the Austin Air to as many people as we meet who may benefit from buying an air purifier. We hope to send customers your way.”

M.O. Honolulu, HI

I have had an Austin Air Cleaner in my bedroom for over 10 years. It runs constantly and has helped my husband, who deals with dust allergies, sleep well at night. I was totally amazed when after 5 years I had to change the filter. It was so heavy and full of dirt! It had to have pulled over 10 pounds of dirt out of our air! It was truly amazing to see and feel how much dirt we have in our bedroom air. I would recommend an Austin Air Cleaner to anyone that deals with allergies or chemical sensitivities. It makes a huge difference in your health.
Leslie Reichert
Green Cleaning Coach

The Klinghardt Academy and Sophia Health Institute have used the Health Mate Plus HEPA Air Filter for the past 3 years in our office space and warehouse with immediate improvements in air quality and comfort. It is quiet and needs no maintenance. We have tested many air filters over the years and find the Health Mate Plus is our preferred air filter for its portability, and no need to change the filter with all our travels.
Debbie Floyd
Director Klinghardt Academy

“I opened the unit up a couple nights ago and it works beautifully! I am very impressed with how the unit is built and runs. I’m glad I chose/was lead to the full size HealthMate Plus; for Hawaii air and my permanently vented house. I think the size is nice and it fits well in my small space. Most importantly I notice a marked improvement in my sinusitis condition over these past days. I could tell within minutes this will change my life!”
With deepest gratitude,
M.K. Haiku, Hawaii

Midtown Manhattan and Montclair, NJ Offices