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“Over the course of one year I became very ill from exposure to toxic black mold in my classroom environment. My monthly cycle was completely thrown off, for the first time ever in my life, lasting only 14 days compared to the usual 28 days. After just one treatment with David Frome, my cycle began to lengthen miraculously! After only 3 treatments and about 2-3 months time, my cycle returned completely to normal. And by the way, David used no more than 3-5 needles in each session, amazing work.”

M. H. – Artist, Educator, Model

“David Frome has been my acupuncturist of choice for over a year, as he’s been helping me manage a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. His was the correct diagnosis after more than a year trying different practitioners of different modalities without relief of my back pain.

His methods are powerful and unique in the way he targets your pain and uses his knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy to access healing through your body’s own energy and potential. The information and advice David shares can be as helpful as his treatment, and has helped me develop postural habits that support my lower back instead of stressing it.

I highly recommend David’s work and his methods for achieving healing where the was dis-ease.”

C.O. Musician, Editor

“I first met David Frome in 2007, 6 months after a laminectomy for lumbar spinal stenosis. I had heard about Rolfing and hoped it would help me regain my former physical condition. I found Rolfing to be a wonderful experience that created renewed vigor to my entire body. A year later, when a herniated disc began causing severe complications at my surgical site I called David. He recommended I try acupuncture. My new symptoms included hip pain, foot pain and a weakness in my left leg that caused a major imbalance to the point I walked with a cane.

During our first acupuncture session David was able to not only pinpoint all of my symptoms, but through acupuncture he either eliminated or hugely curtailed all of them. I left after one hour without needing my cane! I had three acupuncture sessions that month, and found most of my pain either completely eliminated or very diminished. My imbalance was gone!

I have had follow up sessions a few months later to help with some returning pain, and each time found the acupuncture was incredibly successful at freeing my body from nerve pain. I have to say that the changes that occur from acupuncture are dramatic and sustaining. You also get an emotional feeling of true relief as you feel the pains diminish from the needles. I was truly impressed with how an acupuncture needle could open the necessary pathway to relieve the nerve.

I have to thank David for once again giving me my life back. Acupuncture is an incredible healing tool. Unlike pain medication which only masks the pain, the needles are truly relieving the pain by helping the nerve pathways. It is so healthy for the body.”

R.K., Educator

“Not only do I have a phobia about needles, but I was also a skeptic! Not a good way to start on my acupuncture journey, one could say. However, a very good friend of mine, after hearing my continuous moaning about my back and shoulder, ignored my fear and reservations and literally made me the first appointment. I have not looked back since!

David Frome had been treating my respected friend and her family, with great success for many years and I knew they had tremendous faith and trust in him and his treatments. With this in the forefront of my mind, I was able to put my fear and reservation to one side and begin my own treatment with an open mind. Despite regular chiropractic treatments, I had been suffering from shoulder and back problems for many, many years and was desperately in need of help.”

David, immediately put me at ease and once I realized the treatment was not painful, I was able to relax and let the healing happen. It was encouraging and reassuring to be on the receiving end of a thoroughly professional, passionate and knowledgeable practitioner, who took the time to find out about the ‘whole’ person. I do not begin to understand what happens when he presses and pokes various points on my body, and talks about my different Meridians, but what I do know, is that my pain has been helped! Remarkably, David after the first 5 sessions, managed to alleviate my shoulder pain. It is an ongoing process and despite being pain free for 2 years, I am back having more treatments on the same area, but I have every faith that he eradicate my pain again this time. I will continue to recommended David to anyone I know who is suffering and genuinely believe that he is the real deal and can help in so many different areas!

L.M., Artist, Illustrator, Designer

“My name is George C. and I suffered a severe injury to my back while in the military. The result was a spinal surgery, which included five metal rods with twelve 4” bolts. I also have scoliosis. The upshot was many years of severe pain which was not responsive to pain management or Physical Therapy.”I work as a veterinarian and am on my feet eight to twelve hours a day. A very considerate client gave me a gift certificate for acupuncture. For many years I had thought about acupuncture but dismissed it as being ineffective.

David Frome performed a very through physical exam and took a very lengthy medical history which itself was impressive. He offered suggestions and we got down to work. It was a new experience having pins placed in my body. David took time to explain what he was doing and the basic philosophy of the procedures.

Initially, I had great trouble getting on and of the procedure table. It was a serious chore causing me a great deal of pain and requiring assistance. Over the past ten months there was at first gradual improvement and than more rapid relief. Today, I can get right on and off the table without help and without pain.

Based upon my experience I realized the acupuncture was a tremendous help to me. My professional activities and social life have so greatly benefited. I can now lead a fairly normal life free of much pain. I now prescribe acupuncture for my own patients.

My advise to anyone considering this procedure is to be patient as it can take several treatments before the power of the procedures can be fully appreciated.

David Frome is a very scholarly, gentle man who practices his art in a relatively painless manor. I have but one regret: That I did not meet David Frome and undergo his acupuncture treatment years ago. It has been a marvelous experience.”

G.C., D.V.M

In November 2012 I became very ill with the kind of pain I had never before experienced. After seeing a dozen of medical doctors, receiving half a dozen different diagnoses (i.e. bladder infection,kidney infection, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.), and getting nearly two dozen drug prescriptions with no improvement to my condition, I finally made the decision to seek an alternative specialist and luckily found David Frome.

David Frome immediately put me at ease by not only taking a very thorough intake of my health from a holistic point of view, but also I was struck by his gentle, kind, and thoughtful bedside manner. Since David has such a breadth and depth of both knowledge and experience as a skilled acupuncturist, physical therapist, and rolfer, I felt assured when he shared his thoughts about what was ailing me and causing me so much pain.

Besides the incredible lower back pain, I was also having almost constant nausea, irregular to no periods, dry eyes, and a lot of fatigue. After just a few months of seeing David Frome for acupuncture, my symptoms were far less and quite unexpectedly, I started to get my periods again. After six months of treatment, my periods became completely regular, my lower back pain was nearly gone, and my energy was restored.

It has now been over a year that I have been receiving acupuncture from David and I feel better than ever and I am very much benefitting from the treatments. My energy, cycles, lack of pain, and general health are so improved. Before I saw David, I probably got sick five – six times per year and often needed a course of antibiotics. Since David, I have not been on antibiotics once. A miracle-worker!

I cannot recommend David highly enough. He has restored my health and then some.

J. N. O.
Executive Producer, Advertising

Thanks for your patience and for listening so well to what I came in with today. As of tonight, I am feeling so much better, like a weight was lifted from my chest. My throat is more relaxed and I am breathing much easier and my spirits are lifted.I wanted to let you know, as the treatment today really shifted things and I anticipate a continuation in feeling better and getting back to myself.Blessings,G.G. Educator

I had suffered from mild to moderate lower back pain for 10 years. This was not caused by a single accident, but rather, incorrect body mechanics over an extended period of time; over thirty years of practicing Dentistry. This would contort any ones lower back.

I tried many modalities over the years, to no avail. I would usually look for the quick, easy, no work on my part back cure; ie; drugs, steroid injections, block injections, facet injections, braces, supports, several rounds of physical therapy, physiotherapy, electrical stimulation and others. All to little or no avail, my pain was constant.

The past few months have been different. I started first with a core training program which helped a great deal, but I could still feel the discomfort every day. Although I had tried acupuncture a couple of years earlier, it was pointed out to me by the person referring me to David, that the art of acupuncture is very technique and operator sensitive. I decided to give David a try.

David was up front from the first visit; someone with chronic pain are the most difficult cases to cure. However, the morning after the 8th session, I got out of bed and realized I had no pain. I twisted and contorted my body in order to stimulate the discomfort, but it was not there.

I would recommend David to anyone who is living with pain, don’t spend years chasing a medical solution that may not exist, try acupuncture with David Frome.

I.P., D.D.S.

Thanks for the great session today!  I was intrigued by the paragraphs you read to me.  I was equally intrigued with your heart-centered “diagnosis”, as of this moment.

I felt great after the treatment. As I walked around the city and went to my meeting at 7, I felt a real difference in my lower back and left hip. I could move so much more easily, and flew up and down the subway steps much fast than usual. Very impressive! Thanks again!
E.T.,  Feldenkrais Practioner

You’re a miracle worker. I haven’t felt this comfortable in at least three weeks. My body is at peace. Thank you David.
A.C., M.D.

I discovered David after having tried several other acupuncturists over a couple of years. I was immediately struck by David’s professional but caring demeanor. I was also impressed by his knowledge and skill, which were clearly superior to those of the other acupuncturists I have previously met. I felt confident in his ability to diagnose using traditional Eastern techniques; he also continued to evaluate me throughout the session to ensure that his needle points were effective. This was in stark contrast to other acupuncturists I’ve encountered who have a more “set-it-and-forget-it” approach. I will continue to recommend Frome Physical Therapy to friends and family.
M. L. University Student

David, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you yesterday. Thank you so much for being so supportive. I’m doing really well- a world of difference in the physical discomfort/pain all around, and feeling fairly balanced emotionally, all good things!
P.P. Actress

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