Acupuncture – The Five Elements

Early Taoist philosophers were great observers of nature. They identified five elements that all human beings embody: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.   Each element has a distinct energetic force and corresponds to an aspect of human physical and psychic makeup.

The elements also correspond to a season of the year. The five elements and the seasons relate to the ebb and flow of change that occurs within our bodies. Ideally, each element within a person should be equal in strength. Five Elements Acupuncture was created to correct  imbalances that occur in our bodies that render us vulnerable to disease.

An imbalance in any one of the elements can result in physical, mental and spiritual problems.

Five Element Chart

What do the Five Elements Correspond to?

Fire – summer, love, joy, communication, compassion, heart, small intestine, circulation – sex, three heater.
Earth – late summer, harvest, nurture, digest, thought, spleen, stomach.
Metal – autumn, inspiration, quality, receiving, releasing, lung, large intestine.
Water – winter, gestation, reserves, courage, fear, kidney, bladder.
Wood – spring, birth, growth, vision, drive, liver, gall bladder.

First Acupuncture Treatment

Ultimately, health is not just the absence of symptoms or disease