The Benefits of Rolfing

  • Structural Integration helps your body to develop optimal balance and coordination for standing, sitting and moving – at any stage of life.
  • Structural Integration unlocks the limitations of chronic tensions, habits and injuries so that you can discover the freedom of energy efficient movement.
  • Structural Integration is a path towards personal empowerment.
  • As Structural Integration systematically releases structural shortening; areas of discomfort are often relieved.

    Structural Integration is not a symptom oriented approach nor was it designed to be used as a therapy. Structural Integration makes the following assumptions:

    1. Most people are out of alignment with gravity.
    2. When the body is well aligned, gravity supports and nurtures the structure. Then, the body heals itself.
    3. Human alignment can be improved by balancing the tensions in the fascia at any stage of life.

      Psychological benefits of Rolfing

    Rolfing - Young Girl

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